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Coaching Staff

Head Coach 

Shayne Lewis


Alicia Kilkenny and Jackie Weber


Pat Clary, Luis Quintero, Jr. and 

Maddy Saporito

Athletic Director

Joseph Minucci

Off Days: They are days that athletes should try to catch up on homework, extra help, doctor appointments and other activities.   Off days are up to the coach's discretion and will vary on certain weeks because of school activities, travel schedules, make up water practices due to inclement weather, etc.  Attendance is not optional, and missing practice could impact boat seat placement. 

Directions to Oakdale Site (Dowling)

For directions to our water practice site, click on the

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150 Idle Hour Blvd, Oakdale, NY 11769

A Rowers Prayer

O God, My Power,

    Soon my mates and I will hoist our shell overhead, stride down the slip, and place our boat in water, anticipating a stern competition on this coursing river.   

    The sport exhilarates me. It’s pure amateur, for one. Then there’s the challenge of shoulder, leg, and back in tension. But most of all, there are three overriding T’s: Teamwork, Timing, and Technique. A trinity, so to speak. Three, as if one, components without which there would be no success in crew.

      May this reflection prompt my faith, help me recognize my dependence on you, my neighbor, and need for confidence in myself, whatever my endeavor. I make this prayer in your name: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.